Middle Miocene, Antwerp Sand Member (black sand) - Antwerp Area, Belgium
A couple of rare mammal teeth (Order Perissodactyla) were found in the marine base of the Lede Sand Formation. Most of these specimens are housed in the collections of the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences. These teeth most probably originate from the continental Aalterbrugge Lignitic Horizon (uppermost Ypresian), which is reworked in the basal gravel.

The following three species were reported (Smith et al., 2004):

Lophiodon remensis LEMOINE, 1878
Propachynolophus levei HOOKER, 1994
Hallensia louisi HOOKER, 1994

Lophiodon remensis Lemoine, 1878
M3 Lower jaw
Propachynolophus levei Hooker, 1994
M3 - IRSNB M 1865 (Image: GVdE)


SMITH, T., DE WILDE, B. & STEURBAUT, E., 2004. Primitive Equoid and Tapiroid mammals: keys for interpreting the Ypresian-Lutetian transition in Belgium. KBIN Bulletin, Aardwetenschappen, 74 supplement: 165-175.


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