Late Cretaceous, Campanian
In the early Campanian of NW France, the shark fauna is dominated by large species as Anomotodon hermani, Cretalamna appendiculata and Squalicorax kaupi; all the rest is much less common. Rare finds were some Cretoxyrhina mantelli, Hexanchus microdon, Archaeolamna kopingensis and especially a large "Polyacrodus" siversoni specimen. Plenty of belemnites (Gonioteuthis quadrata), but also small bivalves, sea urchins (Echinocorys) and rare pieces of ammonite were found in the same phosphate chalk as the shark remains. Sedimentation took probably place in a short time as teeth were found orientated straight up, which is impossible with slow sedimentation.
Squalicorax - Cretalamna duo